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Pinpoint Demographics’ 2017 European Databases are the leading annual databases that describe 2017 and 2022 population estimates and citizen demographics for the largest 15 European countries.

Published each year in October, the reports provide the most current and accurate estimates of population, citizen demographics and retail sales by regional areas (such as provinces, towns, cities and municipalities) for each country.

The 2017 edition of the European Databases features:

  • 2017 total population estimates by regions, provinces, metro and rural areas, towns, cities and municipalities
  • 2022 population estimates for all regional areas
  • 2017 regional population by age groups
  • 2017 regional population by income groups
  • 2017 regional population by aggregate spending power
  • 2017 regional retail sales for eight retail industries (supermarkets/grocery stores, car dealers, gas stations, clothing stores, computer stores, hardware stores, appliance stores and furniture stores

The population and retail sales estimates are based Pinpoint Demographics’ proprietary economic modeling using historical Eurostat data as well as each countries’ census and statistics department, such as UK’s Office of National Statistics, France’s INSEE, Germany’s Regionaldatenbank Deutschland and Italy’s Istituto Nazionale di Statistica.

Pinpoint Demographics’ European Databases are only available through Pinpoint Demographics/ Barnes Reports in either print editions, PDF files on CD or online access through using your institutions’ IP addresses.

This report collection is the only data source for 2017 and 2022 population and retail sales by town, city and municipality for European countries.

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2017 & 2022 European Databases – Population & Retail Sales
  • Sample (Italy) 
  • Sample (UK)
  • Population Demographics (by Age Groups, Gender, Income Groups)
  • Retail Sales (Supermarkets, Gas Stations, Hardware Stores, Computer Stores, Car Dealers, Furniture Stores, Appliance Stores, Clothing Stores)

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  • Netherlands (300 pages)
  • Switzerland (300 pages)
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  • Poland (300 pages)
  • Belgium (300 pages)
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  • (Published April 2017)
  • Norway (250 pages)
  • Austria (250 pages)
  • Denmark (250 pages)
  • Finland (250 pages)
  • Ireland (250 pages)

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