Durable Product Lines

Pinpoint Demographics‘ proprietary economic models estimate the following data for each U.S. zip code:

  • current 2017 and forecast 2022 population demographics (age, race, income, education, occupation, etc.)
  • 2017 consumer spending (housing, transportation, apparel, energy, food, entertainment, education, etc.)
  • 2017 retail businesses (number of establishments, sales and employment for supermarkets, clothing stores, gas stations, pharmacies, etc.)
  • 2017 service businesses (number of establishments, sales and employment for physicians, lawyers, engineers, day cares, etc.)
  • 2017 retail product sales (groceries, soft drinks, beer/wine, apparel, footwear, cars, gasoline, hardware, office supplies, etc.)

Updated annually, these databases are available by U.S. State or for the entire United States.


Our zip code data are organized by U.S. state and each file has zip codes organized by county for additional sorting. Please use Paypal to purchase the Excel files. Files are emailed to you within one business day (usually within an hour).

CHECK! See if your zip code is included in our databases. Zip Codes 01001-49971 or Zip Code 50001-99929

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Data Description
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2017 Durable Product Sales

  • 2017 total population by 32,000+ zip codes
  • businesses include supermarkets, clothing stores, gas stations, pharmacies, hardware stores, etc.
  • products include new cars, used cars, hardware, appliances, audio/visual equipment, office supplies, computers, etc.

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