Pinpoint Demographics, a division of Barnes Reports, is a leading demographics research firm featuring databases on population demographics, consumer spending, retail and service industries demographics and retail product line sales. Pinpoint Demographics provides the most current, accurate and cost-effective data for each of the 32,000+ U.S. zip codes. Pinpoint’s proprietary economic models estimate the following data for each U.S. zip code:

  • current 2013 and forecast 2018 population demographics (age, race, income, education, occupation, etc.)
  • 2013 consumer spending (housing, transportation, apparel, energy, food, entertainment, education, etc.)
  • 2013 retail businesses (number of establishments, sales and employment for supermarkets, clothing stores, gas stations, pharmacies, etc.)
  • 2013 service businesses (number of establishments, sales and employment for physicians, lawyers, engineers, day cares, etc.)
  • 2013 retail product sales (groceries, soft drinks, beer/wine, apparel, footwear, cars, gasoline, hardware, office supplies, etc.)

Updated annually, these databases are available by U.S. State or for the entire United States.

ALSO! We are pleased to announce PDF reports for individual zip codes at www.uszipcodedemographics.com